Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Crow's Feet Physical Theatre has been rehearsing in various almost free locations for years.  This week I took the plunge and rented a warehouse in the west end of the city.  Warehouses in the west ends of cities are often the homes of great theatre....so I'm in good company!

We have been so very lucky to be joined by senior and accomplished artists Natasha Danchenko and Mark Segal, and we are hopeful "PAZ" Karl Pasternak will also join the team under the direction of Ginette Mohr for Defiant Requiem.

If you haven't seen our promo video, I'll attach a link for you below.

The warehouse helps to serve so many community purposes, it allows the Pilates practice to keep going and growing to support existing and loyal clients, and it's going to house a training facility for aspiring Circus Artists.  Classes in both recreational and pre-professional streams training young people in movement technique, le jeu ( theatrical play) and aerial skills.   For professional adult performers European style clowning classes will be offered.  Our method promises to create triple and quadruple threat Circus students who by their high school graduation should be ready for theatre schools like the very well respected Humber College Theatre programme  or the Ecole Nationale du Cirque.

The Studio and it's classes are sometimes open to the public, as are Crow's Feet's rehearsals. We'll post our rehearsal times once we open our doors.  Serving the community through circus and physical theatre, as well as the sound and time tested Pilates Method of movement education is at the top of our mandate.

My own work with circuses in the past, my training in the LeCoq technique of physical theatre, and my recent work in the Russian style of clown have inspired me to open LAB LE JEU in the hopes that I and my accomplished team can make strong and well trained young performers ready for the new contemporary world of circus.

We'll open our doors September 1, 2013.

Stay tuned.

Please note we are accepting resumes from creative movement teachers, acrobatics coaches, juggling coaches, mime teachers and ballet teachers.

Send resumes to alisawalton@bell.net

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